Why Hire A Criminal Defense lawyer

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer is important for a well prepared defense. The Police are well trained to get information they need to make a criminal case against you. It is very much like a chicken trying to out-smart a fox. You are the chicken and the police is the fox. It is extremely rare that you can out-smart the fox.

A criminal defense lawyer will insulate you from the police. What a criminal lawyer says to the police cannot be used against you. What you say to the police can and will be used against you in a criminal case. A criminal defense lawyer will fully protect all of your rights. A criminal defense lawyer will stop you from saying anything that could incriminate you. An experienced criminal lawyer never allows a client to talk to the police.

Hiring a criminal attorney is an excellent investment.

A criminal defense attorney can prevent the police from filing criminal charges against you. He knows what evidence the police need to establish probable cause. He will not assist the police in any way to establish probable cause to charge you with a crime.

It is quite simple. The criminal defense attorney uses his knowledge and experience of criminal law to protect you from criminal charges.

Even for a police line up you need a criminal defense attorney to help you. He knows how the police must conduct a line up or a photo line up and can use the mistakes the police make in any line up to get the case dismissed or weaken the case so that the DA will decide not to file charges against you.

Having a criminal defense lawyer right from the start, with the very first police contact, will save you a ton of money in case you are charged and have to defend yourself.

Generally, if you are charged, the prosecutor is not going to give you a real good plea bargain if the police officer has already built a strong case against you. The prosecutor always looks at how strong the case is when he or she makes a plea offer. A weaker case improves the plea bargain and greatly increases the possibility of case dismissal.

I was a prosecutor and know how prosecutors are trained and think.

This information may be useful to you someday.

Remember, these are the general and safe rules that cover most if not all situations. No real harm will come about by keeping quiet with police contact. The Officer must have probable cause to arrest you. If there is no probable cause, the Officer cannot lawfully arrest or charge you with a crime. If the Officer is going to arrest you, he or she will do so even if you say something but your chances of not being arrested will improve if you know when to keep quiet.

You can latter hire a criminal defense lawyer who will sort everything out either with the police or with the prosecutor.

In your contact with police "do no harm to your case or situation". Always say "I WANT TO TALK TO MY ATTORNEY FIRST BEFORE I SAY ANYTHING TO YOU".

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Disclaimer: This is not to be construed as legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is established. This is just for informational and educational purposes only.